Barrister Data is the source for complete and accurate NHDS data, and includes a library of Case Law on Natural Hazards Disclosures.

The National Association of Realtors ("NAR") has stated that the largest number of lawsuits in the real estate industry are directly related to the non-disclosure of material facts that affect the desirability and/or the value of a property. In California, there are two mandated disclosures, the Transfer Disclosure Statement ("TDS") and the Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement ("NHDS").

The NHDS reporting industry is not regulated, which means virtually anyone can hang a shingle out as a report provider. This industry may be considered a threat to a home buyer's legal rights, a direct liability to Sellers and their Agent as it has been plagued by misleading and incomplete NHD reports. The industry is also often a conduit for some real estate brokerages to obtain reverse kickbacks through "sham" business arrangements.