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  1. Every person who has purchased property in the State of California, who did not receive the timely, complete, and accurate disclosures mandated by California Code ยง 1103.2 et al., is a potential a client.
  2. Every person who has been affected by a natural disaster such as wildfires, floods, earthquakes, liquefaction.
  3. Every person who has learned that they are unable to add on to their homes due to protected environmental habitat or species.
  4. Every person who learned about special taxes AFTER they close escrow.
  5. Every person who received a "less accurate and/or less complete" NHD than was provided to the Seller when they originally purchased the property.

Barrister Data Support:

Have your client secure the NHD report that was used to close their escrow. If they have not retained it, they should be able to get a copy of it from the escrow company they used to purchase the property. You then have some options:

  1. Purchase a Barrister Data NHD Report (guaranteed to be accurate and complete) and compile your Complaint; or
  2. Purchase a Barrister Data NHD Report and purchase an analysis of the Report from Barrister Data, which will tell you the errors and/or omissions in your client's report. Then compile your Complaint; or
  3. Purchase a Barrister Data NHD Report and Analysis and receive the potential Causes of Action and Case law associated with each Cause of Action and compile your Complaint.
  4. Purchase a Barrister Data NHD Report and upload your Client's map. Receive a map comparison and analysis.